Giving Back To Your Parents is Rewarding

It’s been an exciting couple of days for my parents at the nursing home, Regents Park of Jacksonville.   My brother, his wife, my niece, her husband and their adorable 1 year old baby, Collette came to visit. And the day after my brother and his family left, Regents Park of Jacksonville took them on their monthly outing.  Needless to say, they were excited and fulfilled. Continue reading

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How to Save Time and Stay Informed on Medical Recalls

One of my readers, works for the American Recall Center.  I found their site very informative as an additional resource to help with making decisions on the care of your parents.  Below is a summary of their purpose which they sent to me.

Caring for parents is something that deserves recognition. For your entire life they’ve given their all for you, and now it’s your turn to be committed to their well-being and happiness. Often, it is up to you, the caregiver, to be in charge of all the daily activities and appointments that come with providing proper care for your parents. This responsibility, along with staying on top of work and family, leaves very little time in the day. Without an abundance of free time it can be difficult to stay on top of breaking medical matters that could be affecting your parents. The American Recall Center aims to make that easier. Continue reading

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Nursing Home is Monitoring my Moms COPD.

Took my Mom for her annual checkup at the pulmonologist for her COPD and Emphysema. He said the x-rays of her lungs had less congestion than approximately a year ago when she was getting pneumonia every 3 months. She also has had a wet cough and hoarseness, especially on exertion.  This he said could be from the medicine Advair, as it does have these side effects and so he took her off it. Continue reading

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Taking Time Off from Caregiving your Parents

Its been a while since of have posted, because my daughter just had a baby boy and I went to Texas to help her with my 5th grandchild!  He is so cute, I think he looks like me!  I had a really good time however tiring and I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t had my parents in a place where I knew they would be safe and where they would be taken care of.  This was for me, the nursing home where they live, Regents Park of Jacksonville.

I knew all was well with them by their attitudes, especially my Dad’s spunk!   My Dad called me everyday and wanted to know how the new baby boy was. My Mom just listened, even though she was interested, her dementia makes her unmotivated and she really doesn’t ask to have a conversation.  The day after I came home, I went to visit them.  My Dad had given me pictures of my Mom when she was younger and wanted my daughter to make copies for him. Needless to say, we didn’t have time to do this and I left the pictures, once at the hospital (the nurse had to send them to me) and then at my daughters house.

When I returned and walked into my parent’s room, after being so happy to see me, my Dad asked where were the pictures?  I panicked, because I didn’t know where they were! He got very angry, started yelling at me and told me he wanted to be buried with these pictures! I raced home and called my daughter and sure enough I had left them at her home. She is mailing them to me and sent a snapshot of the pictures from her cell phone! Let me tell you I was lucky!  You have no idea of the words he was calling me.  And, for that matter what I was responding!  Anyway, he was ecstatic when I told him the pictures were found and actually apologized to me for the name calling.  And so, you can go away, enjoy yourself and still ensure your parents are well.  Nursing homes, Assisted Living and Independent Living  facilities do have respite programs.  Other alternatives of course are your siblings as well as private nurses.

Tomorrow, I take my Mom to her pulmonary doctor for her yearly check-up.  I will have more to report tomorrow.

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A Typical Day in a Skilled Nursing Home Visit

I went to see my parents today. I go about every 2 days now to see them. I first pick up my Dad’s hearing aid from the nurses station so the decibel level of our conversations are lower.  And, the rest of the facility doesn’t hear it.  ( I think they do anyway)  I then, say hello to all the caregivers who take care of my parents, and ask the nurse how they are doing.  Today’s update was that my Mom, this morning, had another COPD attack and they put her on the oxygen tank instead of the oxygen machine, and they gave her the albuteral.  Oxygen from the tank they told me was more pure and I guess that helps get your breathing back to normal.  Her oxygen level during this crises was 85.  That is low.

Continue reading

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Treat the Patient Not the Numbers

I took my Mom to the cardiologist last week for her two month check-up. I was vacillating on whether to take her, since she is doing so well at Regents Park of Jacksonville, the skilled nursing home.  I was all excited to tell the doctor how well she has been doing, when the nurse took her blood pressure and told me it was 79/44.  That is pretty low.  The doctor then came in, checked my Mom’s breathing and vitals.  She asked me how she was doing and I told her very well.  The only thing I had seen and heard from the nursing home was that she was vomiting a little caused by her coughing spells.  She has COPD and a hiatus hernia.  She also seemed to be having more frequent coughing spells where she is unable to catch her breath.  They have been giving her albuteral when she has one of these episodes and her breathing goes back to normal.  As for the vomiting they have been giving her promethazine an anti-nausea and vomiting medicine when needed.  All seemed well except for the low blood pressure.  After examining my Mom, the doctor felt she was fine from a cardiac point of view and said that “you treat the patient not the numbers”.  I agree my Mom does appear quite well.  And so, we returned to Regents Park and they took her blood pressure.  It was normal and has been for the last couple of days.  Who knows, maybe the blood pressure machine at the doctors office was broken.  What is important is that I learned, “you need to treat the patient and not the numbers”.

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A Nursing Home Can Keep Elder Parents Out Of The Hospital

I have not written in a while because my parents are doing so well at their nursing home, Regents Park of Jacksonville.  If you read my previous posts, you will see the history of  events which caused us to move them to the nursing home.

My Dad is 95, his birthday was last week, and my Mom is 90.  Less than a year ago they lived independently at the Carriage Club in Jacksonville, Florida, an independent living facility.  My Mom got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital and then had 3 months of skilled nursing care.  My Mom is now on oxygen as a result of the pneumonia and her COPD getting worse.  It became clear, that my Mom now needed help with her daily hygiene and that my Dad was not able to help her any more.  We moved them to an Assisted Living Facility, Deerwood Place of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida.  My Dad wanted help with managing his medicine, only because he didn’t want to do it anymore.  My Mom needed the middle level of care offered at the facility. Continue reading

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